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The DFX3500 is designed to allow for easier service on differentials and gear boxes. The DFX3500 will work in all types of weather, including cold temperatures. Its 3.5 GPM gear pumps make fast work of the thicker, heavier fluids associated with differential services.


  • 2 large 3.5 GPM gear pumps that work in all types of weather including cold temperatures
  • 3 specially designed flexible and adjustable adapters to fit and hold in all differential openings
  • Fingertip controlled pendant with 11 foot reach allows for easier, faster service
  • Portable with small footprint
  • 2 quart new and used fluid containers
  • 20 foot 12 volt power cord allows for mobility of unit whether service is performed while vehicle is up on a lift or over a pit
  • Storage shelf able to hold (2) 5 gallon buckets
  • Magnetic filter


Dimensions: 41" H x 28" W x 23" D
2 quart new and used fluid tanks
20’ 12 volt power cord
2 large 3.5GPM gear pumps
Weight: 73 lbs

Flexible adapters fit and hold in all differential openings.
Fingertip control pendant